Sugarcane in the Easy Morning

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“Through playful lips made of yarn that fragile
Capricorn unraveled words like moths upon old scarves”

Bedhead. Bare face. I unexpectedly dug this pale pink sweater out of my dresser last night and felt compelled to style it sweetly. While it feels odd to present myself in any color that isn’t a shade of black, brown, or grey, it seems like a nice way to welcome the strange and slow transition into spring. I’m longing for the blossoming of flowers and fashion trends. In the meantime, I’m clinging to my bottle of Jasmine by Demeter to keep springtime memories alive. Especially with this windchill. I have a few little numbers stashed away in the back of my closet just waiting to be worn in warmer weather. I adore layering, but sometimes a piece just has to shine on its own, sans jacket. And so I’m counting down the days until I can throw on a mini dress and rock it without hassle. I have a few particular pieces in mind, and most of them are still attached to their price tags.


What will you be wearing this spring?

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Beauty Necessity: White Pencil

If you don’t own a white eye pencil by now- well, what are you waiting for?  This slick beauty tool has so many benefits, and it won’t strain your wallet either.  Wet n Wild makes fabulous eye pencils in every color for a mere 99 cents, so picking up the entire Color Icon collection at CVS isn’t that out-of-line.

The white shade in particular can work wonders when it comes to highlighting your favorite facial features.  It can be applied to the waterline, the inner corners of your eyes, the browbone, the cupid’s bow, or anywhere else you may want to accentuate. How?  Allow me to do a quick run-through.


  • Have you ever wanted to have bigger eyes?  Using a white pencil as liner can create the illusion of a larger white part, ultimately making your eyes seem bigger.  This is a great trick for halloween costumes, but it can also be effective in real life.  Sometimes I add a thin layer of white above my usual black liner to create a subtle, yet awakened look.
  • Adding a touch of white to the inner corners of your eyes can leave you looking refreshed and happy.  Light will reflect on the corners and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.
  • White pencil can act as an eyeshadow primer when it is applied all over your eyelid- but be careful not to poke your eye out!  Warm up your pencil by heating it with a blowdryer then load the excess color onto a small brush to apply.  I don’t normally do this simply because I prefer the convenience of ready-to-use primers, but this is a great solution when you’re running low on your favorite priming product.

Brow Bones:

  • If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the frames.  Applying a white pencil to your brow bones can give your eyebrows some definition and create a unique effect with your eyeshadow.  Give it a try- you’ll be surprised how different you might look!

Cupid’s Bow:

  • We’ve all heard of lip liner, but you might not have know that defining your cupid’s bow can give your lips an extra bit of pout.  I love highlighting this area because it draws even more attention to my favorite lip shades.

Can you think of any other ways to use a white pencil?  Please share your tips and tricks in the comments section- they might be posted on the site!

updated lipstick blog