Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals
I’ve always been a fan of metallic attire. Something about wearing shiny gold and silver shades just makes me feel so rock ‘n roll. Unfortunately, some people fail to realize that there are plenty of ways to wear this trend without looking like a flapper from The Great Gatsby. Don’t worry though- I’ve created this inspiration board to help guide you through the process! c:

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I was a Runway Walkin’ 60s Lady

This past friday, I had the honor of modeling in Pittsburgh’s Vintage Mixer fashion show.  It was a ModCloth sponsored event which featured clothing from a series of incredibly inspiring vendors.  Haute Vibe, Hey Betty, Highway Robbery, TranquiliT Reclaimed Vintage, and Lana Neumeyer were among the featured retailers.

Derpin' around backstage in our rad vintage outfits. Photo by Maggie Martinez

Derpin’ around backstage in our rad vintage outfits.
Photo by Maggie Martinez

Most of the models wore girly dresses, so I was pumped when I found out I would be wearing embroidered pants, a camo top, and a men’s denim jacket.  Not to mention I loved rockin’ Ray Bans and big hair!

Kate Colussy, the owner of Highway Robbery, said she wanted my outfit to have a Woodstock vibe.  She wanted me to be “the girl who wore her boyfriend’s shirts.”  I absolutely adored the idea because I felt like it gave me a persona to work with as I walked.

I think that’s why I love vintage clothing so much.  When I find clothes in a thrift store, I always imagine who wore them before me.  How did that person act?  Why did they dress the way they did?  You just don’t get that kind of fun when you go to the mall.

And so I leave you with two important words of advice: shop vintage!