Good Day Sunshine






The sun actually made an appearance in the ‘burgh today, and it was glorious! I can’t remember the last time the temperature was actually above fifty degrees. I’ve spent the past few months consistently working in the depths of my college suite, so today I treated myself to a bit of fresh air. I happily took to the streets with light layers and newly thrifted sunnies.  I found these sunglasses at Salvation Army last weekend, and I just couldn’t resist. Their shape is ultra flattering for round baby faces like mine, and the gold trim is just too cool. Plus, they’re actually dark enough to keep the sun out of my eyes. (Stylish AND effective!) But of course the best thing about these sunglasses is the fact that they were 99¢. Oh, the lovely little things you can find in bargain bins!

One of my favorite rules of thrift shopping is to ALWAYS check out the accessories section before you leave. It may appear small, but most thrift stores price jewelry and accessories considerably well. In fact, many thrift stores in my area make all jewelry and accessories one price. I’m not gonna lie- you WILL encounter some junk as you search, but you’re also likely to find a really cool new piece to add to your accessories collection. Just be sure that you don’t have any specific expectations to meet while you thrift. I didn’t go into SA in search of sunglasses, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I found them. Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? It’s just always worth a dig!

Have you done any treasure hunting lately? I want to hear all about your own thrifty purchases! updated lipstick blogMad


Spring Investments

Spring hasn’t exactly sprung yet, but I’m already adorning myself in light fabrics and pops of color to melt my winter blues away. Sure, my personal wardrobe may contain loads of mall goth black apparel, but honestly, I do appreciate an introduction of color every now and then. I’ve never been a gal to splurge on pastels for spring, partly because neutral tones are my favorite (but also because the fear of resembling an Easter egg often lingers in my mind). So no, you won’t catch me decked out in the expected pastel and floral get-up this spring, but I do predict these 5 runway looks in my future.

Wide Leg Trousers

I can’t wait to channel vintage vibes with this ultra flattering trend. I love the lean look that a pair of wide leg trousers can create. This trend is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns at stores like Express, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS



I received the complete Gossip Girl series on DVD for Valentine’s Day, so please excuse this dated analogy…but I have to say, metallics make me feel like a Van der Woodsen. This trend tends to fade in and out over the years, but when it’s executed properly, it can be oh so glamorous.

Sheer Apparel 


I’ve been really into textures lately, so this is a trend I’m dying to invest in. Is anything more chic than a great sheer fabric?



I’ve been crazy about jumpsuits since I purchased a slinky black one this fall. Don’t get me wrong- I love dresses, but there’s something so cool and empowering about this alternative one-piece ensemble.

Micro Bags

I’ve always opted for large satchels, but micro bags were all the rage on the spring runways. A dainty doll-like bag is surely worth sticking to the absolute essentials. 
Will you be reinventing your wardrobe this spring? If so, what trends are you dying to try? Leave your own spring wish list in the comments below!



It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled.


If I could only pick one music genre to listen to for the rest of my life, I’d dust off my mom’s rock ‘n roll records and make myself at home. There’s a lot to be learned from rock ‘n roll, beginning with rebellion and ending with style. I live for bold shades, thritfted leopard prints, and of course, wild accessories.

ImageWhen Senetha of Coco Rain offered me a $5 coupon code to use in her shop, I immediately began searching for something to add to my expanding collection of accessories. I was ecstatic when I came across these rhinestone round sunglasses, a rock ‘n roll alternative to the typical shades. How can anyone feel less than glamorous when they’re wearing rhinestones?



Kate Moss Turns 40 | Lottie Moss Makes Her Modeling Debut

Photo by Beretta/Sims/REX

Photo by Beretta/Sims/REX

If you’ve read any social media updates today, you likely know that English supermodel Kate Moss just turned 40. And of course, she still looks absolutely flawless. What else would you expect from Kate Moss? She’s Kate Moss! Caught rocking her signature leopard print in coat form, she’s as poised and glowing as ever.

Well, in the midst of her birthday celebration, the fashion icon received a classic Porsche from Sir Phillip Green (TopShop owner) and announced the launch of her illustrated biography (hell yeah). But she’s not the only Moss making headlines.

Little sister Lottie Moss has some big news of her own. Merely a week after signing with Storm Model Management, Lottie’s first editorial has made its debut. The editorial, From Lottie with Love, can be seen in Dazed & Confused’s February Issue. You can check out the photos (taken by Sean and Seng) on their website here.
Photography by Sean and Seng

The 16-year-old is shown posing in everything from a cozy sweater to a dreamy polka dot dress, and damn, she looks amazing in all of it. I really admire the styling that Robbie Spencer did for the shoot because the clothing is elegant and sophisticated, but it doesn’t take away from the radiance of her youth.

What do you think of this editorial? Is Lottie the next big thing? Comment with your thoughts.



“I dig music.”

Music has always played a huge part in my sense of style. Artists like David Bowie, Steven Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, and Amy Winehouse are just a few of my favorite style icons. I’ve learned a lot from their poise and understanding of fashion as an art form over the years, and I appreciate that they are/were the kind of people who bring all of the arts together in everything they do. Fashion, art, music, movies, television, writing- there is an undeniable connection between them all. In the case of fashion and music, I often find myself becoming inspired by songs, music videos, and even album covers. Music creates a feeling, and fashion allows me to express it.
Of course, I also like wearing band tees for the sole purpose of showing some love for my favorite artists. They’re carefree, yet cool, and they’re actually an awesome way to make friends. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped out of the house wearing a band tee only to have someone tell me that they admire that artist too.The only annoying thing about band tees in the realm of fashion is the lack of appreciation that some wearers have for the actual musicians on their shirts. Remember when Misfits attire became wildly popular a few years ago? As someone who grew up listening to the band, it was strange to see people wearing that famous skull logo when they couldn’t name a single song.


Regardless, I love the influence that music has on fashion, and I wouldn’t trade my old concert shirts for the world. If you feel the same way, stock up with my latest Polyvore set.
"I dig music."

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Outfit of the Day: Fur and Studs


Coat: H&M Gloves: Target Earrings: Aldo Pants: Forever21 Boots: Delman Hat: H&M

Snow days are perfect excuses to dress like royalty in jewels and faux fur. Pittsburgh may be facing an “arctic blast”, but nothing will stop me from having stylish fun.

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Sunday Vibes: It by Alexa Chung

I’m kind of the queen of lazy Sundays, rolling out of bed to the scent of my mom baking cinnamon rolls and spending most of the day in my oversized John Lennon t-shirt. I’ve never really been one for watching television, so I often find myself snuggling up with a stack of books and magazines instead. Before the end of the fall semester, my boyfriend surprised me with the signed edition of Alexa Chung’s highly anticipated book, It, but 21 credits and an internship didn’t give me much time to enjoy its contents. As winter break lingers on, I’ve been flying through the unopened books on my shelf and loving every second of it. Of course, my break wouldn’t be complete without some much-needed inspiration from my favorite model, television personality, and contributing British Vogue editor.
ImageIt by Alexa Chung is essentially a style scrapbook, complete with gorgeous photography, quirky doodles, and Chung’s thoughts on various celebrities and trends. ImageI’m sure that even those who lack a familiarity with Alexa Chung can find an appreciation for It and Chung’s down-to-earth personality. With topics ranging from love and awkward teenage years to fashion and entertainment, there really is something for everyone within the pages of this book. I especially love that Chung includes thoughtful lists of music and movie recommendations as well as explanations for her personal sources of inspiration.ImageNot only is It great for those who want to know more about Alexa Chung, but it’s a worthwhile read for any fashionista or blogger. It’s truly an inspiring collector’s item that would make a beautiful coffee table book in any lady’s apartment. Pick up your own copy here