Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2013 | Student Designer Runway Show


 Ahhh, fashion week.  Who doesn’t love tuning into the highly anticipated NYFW news and streams?  I know it’s always been a hobby of mine, so I was especially excited when I received the opportunity to participate in a similar event- Pittsburgh Fashion Week.

I recently had the pleasure of modeling for fashion designer Allison Bailey in Pittsburgh’s Student Designer Runway Show, a major highlight of PFW.

Bailey’s line, Allison Elizabeth Designs, embraces a focus on swim and resortwear with a classic vintage-inspired style.  I loved modeling her coverups on the catwalk- I can only imagine how pretty they must look on the beach!

While I usually have worries about being the shortest lady at fashion shows (I’m 5’3), I always have such a blast.  I’ve found that participating in these events can serve as a great way to expand my network.  I made so many friends at Pittsburgh Fashion Week.  From designers to photographers, and of course, the beautiful women I had the honor of walking with, I can safely say that I met some truly inspirational people at this event.

Does your city have a fashion week?  If so, I strongly urge you to get involved in any way you possibly can.  It’s always an empowering feeling to come together with local people who share the same interests as you and push you to shoot for the stars.




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