Tiger Stripes: StockingNoir Leggings

ImageStockingNoir is a Pittsburgh-based legwear store that I’ve been drooling over for quite some time now.  From simple pieces to crazy patterns and colors, there is something to match every lady’s style.  This week I received a beautiful package from Elysia, the lovely owner.  In the package, I found these gorgeous Tiger Stripe leggings from the Electric Feel collection and a lot of confetti (such a fun surprise!)

What I love about these leggings is that they are perfect for the popular black and white trend, but the flowers and tigers give them a really cool and unique vibe.  They could be paired with a fancy minidress or even just a basic tee.

I personally chose to wear my trusty combat boots along with a tank and a flowy unbuttoned shirt.  I really love the look that I was able to pull together.  It’s perfect for a day of walking around campus, and it can easily be transitioned to a night look with the help of some cute heels.

Oh, and did I mention that StockingNoir leggings are kind of the most comfortable things I’ve worn in my entire life?  They’re super soft.  I love it, and I’m sure you will too!

Shoutout to my suitemate, Elena Buzzato, for the cool pic!




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