Your Opinion Is Irrelevant: Why You Shouldn’t Tell A Woman Not To Wear Makeup

“You don’t need makeup” and “natural girls are more beautiful” are phrases that some men seem to take great pride in saying.  It’s as if they think that all women use beauty products in an effort to seek male approval.  In reality, many of us buy into the cosmetic industry simply because we enjoy it.


I grew up in the early 2000s with an extensive collection of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, roll-on glitter, and watermelon body mists.  I thought boys were gross back then, unless, of course, they were members of ‘N Sync.  For an elementary school student, I can honestly say I was pretty level-headed.  I didn’t put much thought into impressing my peers. I went to school to learn, and I played dress-up because I loved it.

Like most girls, I began regularly wearing “real” makeup around age 12.  The first product I owned was not a bottle of foundation or concealer, but a singular Covergirl eyeshadow in a light purple shade.  I had no interest in hiding my complexion.  There was absolutely no shame or self-esteem struggle involved.  I wanted to wear makeup for the same reason I wanted to carefully pick out my clothing- I wanted to unleash my creativity.

As an adult woman, I still enjoy waking up early and digging into my favorite palettes. To me, it’s just like painting or drawing. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone.  Unfortunately, some women really do feel dependent on cosmetics.  But men, please do not assume that I’m insecure and desperate for your attention if I’m wearing a pair of false eyelashes…and don’t you dare tell me not to wear them.

Here’s my big issue with men (and sometimes even women) who frown upon those who wear makeup:  IT’S NOT YOUR BODY.

Who are you to tell someone what they should and should not look like? It’s really as simple as this: if you don’t like makeup, don’t wear it.  And if you do wear makeup, don’t let anyone try to shame you out of it.

This blog was created with the intention of encouraging women from all walks of life to take pride in their love for fashion and cosmetology.  If you, like myself and so many others, believe that style is an art form, I strongly urge you to stand up for these passions.  Let’s come together and make sure the world knows that makeup or no makeup, we are beautiful.

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