27 Dresses? That’s Nothing. This Old Man Bought His Wife 55,000!

My boyfriend has been known to treat me to dinners, movies, and shopping sprees more than he probably should, but this news story takes spoiling your significant other to a whole new level.  According to Elizabeth Licata of The Gloss, an old man by the name of Paul Brockman has been buying his wife lavish ball gowns for 56 years.  Within this time, his collection has filled the family garage and even an entire warehouse with a total of 55,000 dresses, many of which Mrs. Brockman has never even seen.

It all started when the Brockmans moved from Germany to Ohio in 1955.  They started going ballroom dancing on a weekly basis, and Mr. Brockman decided that he wanted his wife to have a new gown every time they went.  He knew that she didn’t like shopping for herself, so he simply began buying dresses for her.  When Mrs. Brockman caught onto what her husband was doing, she asked him to stop, but he stubbornly continued to secretly store his purchases.

The Brockmans’ adult daughter only recently discovered the extent of her father’s collection when she found the family garage filled with dresses that had been hung on a two-tiered system of hanging rods he had built.  Her immediate reaction?  “What the hell is all of this?!”

When Mr. Brockman told his daughter that he intended to leave the dresses to her, she convinced him to sell some of the collection instead.  Since then, stores like Urban Outfitters and ModCloth have begun purchasing the gowns in order to create patterns for new dresses.  The Brockmans have also started holding monthly sales at their warehouse in LA, but it’s hard to say how long it will take to sell all of the pieces.

While many news outlets are marketing this story as sweet, I personally find it questionable.  Sure, it was all done with good intentions, but am I the only person who thinks it’s wrong for a husband to make such major financial sacrifices without his wife’s approval?  I can’t help but think that these purchases may have more to do with hoarding than love.

So please comment and weigh in:

Would you be mad at your spouse, or would you feel like a queen?

I can’t wait to hear your responses!




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