Rest In Peace, Talia Joy Castellano.

Even though I never met her personally, I feel like I lost a friend.

I became a TaliaJoy18 subscriber about a year ago while surfing the YouTube beauty community. I never expected to get so attached to this little girl, but her frequent uploads and tweets made it feel like I actually knew her.

Talia shared so much more than her phenomenal makeup tips- she brought the struggles of childhood cancer to light. For those of you brushing off her death and saying that thousands of kids haved died of cancer, you are exactly right. Talia was here to raise awareness for the kids who didn’t have an audience. She was their voice, and she did everything she could to show people the importance of donating money to organizations like BASE Camp and giving blood whenever possible.

Out of all of Talia’s videos, this one is my favorite. It is so beautiful to see her comforting another little girl with cancer- telling her to imagine them together, all grown up with long hair.

This is how I will always remember Talia Castellano- full of life, love, happiness, and hope.

Rest in Peace Talia and Hayley. ❤

Please send prayers and positive thoughts to the Castellano family and every child struggling with this terrible disease. Someday, we will find a cure.

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