My First Run with Sonia Kashuk and Deborah Lippmann Products


Photo by Maniac Magazine

Maniac Magazine sent me this lovely gift last week, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I always love trying cosmetic brands that I haven’t tried before, so it was especially exciting when I got to do so for free.

When I opened the package, I immediately fell in love with the Sonia Kashuk makeup bag.  It’s more than a fun pattern and color scheme- it’s very functional.  The bag is clutch-styled and fastened together with a magnetic button.  All of my other makeup bags are simple pouches, so I was very pleased to see that this one folds out into two large transparent  compartments.  I love not having to dig through piles of makeup to find what I want!  It’s so nice to be organized!

Inside one of the compartments, I found the Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity bronzer/blush duo in the shade “glimmer.”   Upon testing it out, I found this product to be very blendable and buildable.   The bronzer is perfect for creating a sun-kissed glow, but I wouldn’t recommend attempting to contour with it as it has a subtle shimmer.  I think the blush would be beautiful on any skin tone though as it can be blended out or built up to create a multitude of desired effects.

After playing around with the blush for a while, I happily pulled the Deborah Lippmann lipstick from the bag and immediately swatched it on my hand, admiring the gorgeous coral color.   I found out that this is a new Deborah Lippmann shade called “Call Me Maybe”, and it is only available online.  I think everyone knows by now that coral lipstick is great for summer, so this long-lasting lip color is definitely a great buy.  I haven’t come up with a drugstore dupe yet, but I did note a significant similarity between this shade and CK’ One Color’s “punked” from the limited edition Street collection.  Either one is guaranteed to make you look like a beach babe!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with all three of the products that were sent to me.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be purchasing more from Sophia Kashuk and Deborah Lippmann sometime soon, but have you fallen in love with any new brands lately?  I’d love to hear about it in a comment below!



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